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The Tale of a Legendary Road: Following the Trail of Route 66

Travel is more than just moving from one place to another for people. Travel is a way to gain new experiences, explore new places and cultures, savor freedom, and sometimes find ourselves. One of the rare routes that symbolize such a journey is the legendary Route 66 in the United States, offering a feast of culture and history from beginning to end.

In addition to being the most famous highway in America, Route 66 is a symbol of American culture and history. This road, which was put into service in 1926, starts in Chicago, Illinois, and ends in Santa Monica, California. Crossing a total of 8 states and stretching 3940 km, this legendary road is also known as “Mother Road” in America.

The uniqueness and importance of Route 66 is its reflection of the diversity and historical richness of the places it passes. This road passes through a wide variety of places, from large cities to small towns, from native American communities to historical monuments. Therefore, it is an ideal option for a road trip experience.

Route 66 also holds a significant place in American Literature. For instance, in John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”, the tough journey of a family evicted from their lands on Route 66 is described. This work demonstrates that the road is not just a transport line, but also a part of the American story.

The historical and cultural heritage of Route 66 goes far beyond being just a highway. This road, a symbol of freedom, adventure, and discovery, has provided some of the most unforgettable experiences for many people.

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