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10 Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Europe

As we become more aware of our environmental footprint, sustainable tourism has never been more important. Across Europe, hotels are rising to the challenge, offering luxury and comfort while prioritizing eco-friendly practices. Let’s take a look at the top 10 eco-friendly hotels in Europe that perfectly combine sustainable tourism with luxury and comfort.

  1. Ion Adventure Hotel, Iceland: Located amidst the ethereal landscapes of Iceland, this hotel’s beautiful design complements its environmental responsibility. Ion Adventure Hotel is powered by geothermal energy and makes use of sustainable materials, and it offers guests unforgettable experiences, such as Northern Lights viewings and geothermal bathing.
  2. Whitepod, Switzerland: Nestled in the Swiss Alps, Whitepod offers eco-luxury accommodations and unique mountain experiences. The dome-shaped pods are energy-efficient and made of sustainable materials. The resort also limits waste by minimizing room service and encourages guests to explore the surrounding nature on foot or with skis.
  3. Hotel Milano Scala, Italy: In the heart of Milan, this hotel boasts a zero-emissions policy. It uses 100% renewable energy and promotes sustainable practices like recycling, reducing water consumption, and using organic, local produce in its restaurant.
  4. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Finland: Built with respect for the surrounding nature, this hotel uses sustainable local materials and energy-efficient solutions. The exquisite rooms offer stunning views of the Arctic wilderness and Northern Lights.
  5. Furnas Boutique Hotel, Portugal: Situated in São Miguel Island, Azores, this hotel is known for its thermal spa and use of geothermal energy. It promotes local and sustainable cuisine, sourced from the island’s volcanic soils.
  6. Hotel Topazz, Austria: Located in Vienna, this hotel features an innovative design reducing energy consumption. The furniture is made of sustainable materials, and the hotel’s philosophy encourages guests to explore the city on foot or by bicycle.
  7. The Zetter Townhouse, UK: This eco-friendly hotel in London focuses on energy efficiency, with low-energy light bulbs, sustainably sourced food, and a strong recycling program. The hotel also offers a ‘green directory’ for guests, detailing its sustainability practices.
  8. Brody House, Hungary: In Budapest, Brody House is a champion of sustainability and community. The hotel uses upcycled furniture and recycled materials, and supports local artists and businesses.
  9. Romantik Hotel Turm, Italy: Set in the Dolomites, this hotel combines luxury with sustainability. It’s powered by renewable energy, features locally sourced food, and even offers Tesla rental for eco-friendly exploration.
  10. CasaCalma, Argentina: Although not in Europe, it’s worth mentioning CasaCalma in Buenos Aires, a wellness hotel with a strong focus on sustainability. They use recycled rainwater, organic toiletries, and energy-efficient lighting.

These ten eco-friendly hotels are leading the way in sustainable tourism in Europe. Each one offers a unique, luxury experience without compromising their commitment to protecting the environment. When planning your next European adventure, consider staying at one of these eco-friendly hotels.